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Hotel Metro Downtown Milwaukee Wisconsin

Hotel Metro Milwaukee Wisconsin

Hotel Metro is the leading eco-friendly luxury hotel choice for downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin hotels. Recommended as “where to stay” by NY Times and rated by Travel Leisure as “one of the top hotels in the world”. Enjoy the uncommon elegance of our historic European-style boutique hotel and convenient downtown location. We’re a proud member of the Historic Hotels of America.

Milwaukee's First Green Hotel


Time stands still on the corner of Milwaukee and Mason Streets. Walk through the doors of Hotel Metro and return to an era where the spirit of hospitality thrived. A hotel where the mood is full of charm and character. Where luxury has been achieved through attention to detail and courteous, unobtrusive service.

The hotel is located in a historic neighborhood which was once the center of a thriving retail area. The building was designed by Eschweiler & Eschweiler to complement and stand out in the neighborhood while offering stylish and trendy options for the time period. Locally, the Art Deco movement was at its peak and the architecture of the building reflects that via the high ceilings and curvature found throughout the building. It was built as an office building in 1937 and was the first to have central air conditioning throughout.

The hotel bears the interior design touch of the late Madame Liane Kuony, the Fond du Lac native who was well known for her passion for design and cooking.

Photo Credit: Historic Photo Collection/Milwaukee Public Library.

The building was bought and remodeled by the current owners, Jamie Hummert, John Ogden and John Wolter in 1996. Using the exterior curves, limestone, the wraparound windows and discreet Deco detail as a planning scape, the Metro’s interior became an interpretation of the 30’s style of design that celebrated the rounded, aerodynamic shapes of the machine age and took on its current Art Deco look. The owners also felt strongly about ensuring sustainable products being used during the conversion so the hotel opened with as many natural materials as possible used. That commitment to sustainability allowed Hotel Metro to be the first hotel in Wisconsin to be certified by Travel Green Wisconsin and the first to apply for LEED certification.

Our Historic Preservation Fee is a nightly $4.99 fee to all guest reservations goes towards an endeavor that seeks to preserve, conserve and protect the historic qualities and art deco style of the John W Mariner building that houses Hotel Metro.

While Hotel Metro is steeped in the past, it also offers high tech features to accommodate a large following of world-wide business travelers.

  • Hotel Metro Downtown Milwaukee
  • Hotel Metro Downtown Milwaukee
  • Hotel Metro Downtown Milwaukee
  • Hotel Metro Downtown Milwaukee
Hotel Metro Downtown Milwaukee Cab
Interesting Fact: Metro Cab

The 1982 Metro Cab was a working cab on the streets of London for most of its life. In 2007 it also served as a working cab after its importation to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It is now Hotel Metro's complimentary guest vehicle and is powered by 25% biodiesel.

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