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Hotel Metro Downtown Milwaukee Wisconsin

Hotel Metro Milwaukee Wisconsin

Hotel Metro is the leading eco-friendly luxury hotel choice for downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin hotels. Recommended as “where to stay” by NY Times and rated by Travel Leisure as “one of the top hotels in the world”. Enjoy the uncommon elegance of our historic European-style boutique hotel and convenient downtown location. We’re a proud member of the Historic Hotels of America.

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Our Preferred Hotel Partners with Pure Rooms

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As part of Hotel Metro’s ongoing commitment to quality assurance, we are excited to announce our partnership with PURE Rooms. PURE Rooms address the health needs of guests suffering from allergies and asthma using innovative, FDA-registered air and surface purification technology. As a hotel, we understand the importance of a good nights sleep when away from home. A PURE room does exactly that, enabling guests to breathe easier, sleep deeper and and wake up feeling more refreshed. We have even heard from one guest that when expecting to feel “not so great after a night on the town, the Pure Rooms helped lessen the inevitable hangover!” But seriously, business travelers have reported enhanced alertness after a night in a PURE suite…

Nothing refreshes a room like PURE. The 7-step purification process treats every surface, including the air, removing up to 99% of pollutants. PURE’s leading air-purification system protects from airborne irritants, and eliminates odors at the source, leaving our hotel suites smelling fresh and clean. PURE’s unique, hypoallergenic mattress and pillow encasements provide soft, breathable coverings to protect them even further. Carpets, upholstery and all surfaces are deep cleaned and specially treated. Rigorous maintenance is performed regularly to keep our PURE Room’s certified and allergy-friendly. When staying in a PURE Room, you are free to live without boundaries, confident you have the freshest air quality in the hotel industry. Currently, Hotel Metro has 4 Pure Suites with hopes to do the entire hotel. Call our Front Desk at (414)272-1937 to book yours today!

Read below for more information on the 7 step process of Pure Rooms:

1. Deep Clean Air-Handling Unit. A PURE heating and air conditioning unit results in healthier air circulating throughout the room. Coils are deep cleaned and disinfected using PURE’s advanced treatment. And finally, an enzyme-based drip-pan tablet is in place to ensure maximum protection.

2. PURE Tea Tree Oil Cartridge. Tea tree oil is a natural substance known for its antimicrobial and disinfectant properties. A cartridge of this tea tree oil is installed in the air-handling unit to maintain sanitized conditions.

3. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Our patented PURE clean solution is used to maximize the removal of dirt, bacteria and mold from all soft surfaces that traditional cleaners leave behind.

4. One Time Shock Treatment. This advanced shock treatment destroys nearly all of the mold and bacteria in every nook and cranny of the room, removing any lingering odors caused by these and other contaminants, including but not limited to cigar or cigarette smoke, pets, or other unpleasant sources. The result is a fresh, crisp, environment.

5. PURE Shield. This bacteriostatic barrier is applied to all room surfaces to repel microorganisms that cause illness and discomfort, and prevent their growth. Our advanced shield process makes it nearly impossible for bacteria viruses to survive in a PURE environment.

6. Air Purification System. PURE’s air purifier is 24-hour defense against airborne irritants. Listed by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device, PURE’s state-of-the-art system is proven to kill 98% to 100% of bacteria and viruses.

7. Allergy-Friendly Bedding. PURE’s personal protection continues with micro-fiber, mono-filament mattress and pillow encasements. These hypoallergenic fabrics feature tightly woven and reinforced seams to act as a barrier against dust mites and other contaminants, providing an extra layer of effective protection, in a soft and breathable form

According to a survey conducted by the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, “83% of travelers surveyed indicated that they would prefer an allergy-friendly room if provided that option.”

PURE Room has been featured in over 500 publications worldwide, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Independent, as well as numerous television broadcasts.

PURE room

PURE Room is powered by New York–based HealthWay, a ground-breaking manufacturer of military and medical grade air purification systems. To learn more about the fascinating PURE Room program, please contact Jennifer Howe at 315-298-2904 or visit today.

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